Who We are and What We Do

We are excited about the opening of Legacy Centre, a tutoring and after care centre!

After years of home tutoring we realised that there is a great need in our community for one on one tutoring and a safe place for our special children.  At the Legacy Centre we will endeavour to give parents the support they need.

Who will tutor and look after the children?

A qualified teacher with experience in teaching special needs children, and most important who has a heart of gold.

A fully trained teacher’s assistant with years of experience in Applied Behavioural Analysis (SNAP trained) and most important…HUGE angel’s wings.

I, Mariza (highly qualified in ‘helicopter-parenting’), mother of a special needs child, will be on the premises daily tasked with managing the centre.

What does Legacy Centre offer?

A safe environment where children will be met at the level where he / she is comfortable at;

One on one tutoring specifically adjusted for each child’s needs, by professionals.  Emphasis will also be put on teaching life skills;

In addition to each child’s specific program, the Gemiini (www.gemiini.org) program will also be followed to develop social skills and advance speech;

Playground with jungle gym and trampoline (with safety nets) big enough to have loads of fun;

A therapy room where therapists can visit and work with the children in private;

Aftercare from 13:00 to 17:00 daily. 

We would love to hear from you and answer your questions.


Mariza van Deventer

083 270 6382

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